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What we do

Oral liquids are challenging products and it is important to understand and apply scientifically sound and multidisciplinary approach to address these issues. Agenix team has years of hands-on experience in developing oral liquid formulations and unique/innovative pharmaceutical product development strategies which are then applied to mitigate risk of failure, time, and cost of development.

Agenix's team has worked on some of the most novel and innovative products in the pharmaceutical industry, including Rhino Patch which are the finest vapour patches. The team has developed an approach to product development that combines scientific rigor with the ability to innovate quickly and efficiently. This approach has helped Agenix deliver safe, effective, innovative products for its clients.

We work with CDMO facilities for exhibit and commercial manufacturing in US. Our partners have decades of experience in the manufacturing of oral products and filled/launched several products in the US market. Our proven models allow for seamless collaboration with CDMOs from tech transfer to commercialization.

Our expertise includes pharmaceutical product development like Rhino vapor patch which provides relief from nasal congestion.

We have years of experience in all aspects of generic pharmaceutical marketing & pharmaceutical product development. We can leverage our established relationships with generic marketing companies, GPOs, distributors and pharmacy chains to attain salient market share for our products.

We are highly trained professionals who understand the importance of quality control standards and how these can be applied in pharmaceutical product development.