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about us

Who We Are

Agenix Pharmaceuticals is a privately held pharmaceutical company focused on developing, manufacturing and marketing of niche generic oral liquid dosage forms. Agenix is built upon a set of strong ethical values that define who we are and represent what we stand for. It is lead by passionate, highly motivated and proven business leaders and technical experts in the field.

Our aim is to provide our customers with high quality generics oral liquid dosage forms. Our product Rhino patch comes with aromatherapy essential oils that help relieve congestion at affordable prices in an efficient manner.

Agenix is committed to provide high-quality, affordable pharmaceuticals to improve the health and quality of life of customers and communities in the markets we serve. Agenix’s vision is to become a leading generic pharmaceutical company by bringing the most affordable medicines to the masses, thereby bring value to our investors and stakeholders.

  Customer focus
  Innovative thinking in everything we do
  Swift decision making and simplicity in action
  Quality and Reliability
  Accountability and responsibility

Agenix Business Strategy

Niche products

  • Oral liquid dosage forms and growing opportunity
  • Balanced portfolio of niche/complex and market driven products
  • Diverse indications
  • Rhino patch infused with aromatherapy essential oils.
  • Product opportunities meticulously selected; top down and bottom up market analytics

Product know how and Efficient development

  • Hands on experience and clear idea of viability and feasibility across technical, regulatory functions
  • Lean and efficient development
  • Commercial manufacture in US
  • Existing relationships with CROs and CMO partners
  • Development of Rhino patch as a vapor patch for kids to get relief from nasal congestion.

Marketing and sales know how

  • Solid understanding of the generic marketing and sales process
  • Established relationships with GPOs, Distributors and Pharmacy chains
  • Existing partnerships with marketing companies

Our Business strategy

Agenix currently has niche pipeline that has a market cap of over one billion dollars with limited competition. Agenix model is to develop and manufacture products in USA with lean and efficient operations and to be one of the top pharmaceutical formulation consultant.


We are highly motivated professionals and our team has a proven track record and number of years of experience in development, manufacturing and commercialization of pharmaceutical products. Rhino patch is one of our niche vapor patches which provides instant nasal congestion relief.